Top Rock Climbing Routes of the Royal Gorge Region

There are few outdoor sports you can do year-round in Colorado, but that’s what makes rock climbers lucky. During the fallroyal gorge climbing and into the winter months, rock climbers and other outdoor adventurers flock to the Royal Gorge Region. This region is famed for being in the banana belt of Colorado where there are few days of extreme weather. With comfortable temperatures, sunny weather, and a blend of rocky outcrops and sheer cliffs, the Royal Gorge Region is a great destination for rock climbing. Here are a few locations to have a high angle adventure this time of year.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
One of the most renowned spots among rock climbers is above the Arkansas River in the Royal Gorge. At Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, conquer the gorge with our newest adventure, the Via Ferrata. By climbing our route, you’ll get vantage points of the Royal Gorge that no one else gets to see as you navigate up the granite rock walls.

A bit of history also comes with this climb at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. “Via Ferrata” translates to “iron way” and was historically built by WWI era soldiers to traverse mountains more safely. Now, this climbing method is popping up around Colorado as a safer and more accessible way for adventures to rock climb.

The Via Ferrata is a protected climbing system that uses steel rungs along the route to assist climbers by attaching themselves to steel cables, making this adventure accessible for the whole family and first-timers! The steep cliff walls of the Royal Gorge naturally create one of the most unique Via Ferrata attractions in Colorado. There is no other quite like it.

Shelf Road
Another popular spot in Colorado for rock climbing is along Shelf Road in Cañon City. For the experienced climbers and belayers, Shelf Road offers vertical limestone cliffs that get plenty of sunshine year-round! This area offers gorgeous scenery and quiet surroundings. The paths to the rock walls are well marked and maintained.

Oak Creek Canyon
Oak Creek Canyon just north of Cañon City offers granite dome-shaped rocks great for all skill levels of outdoor rock climbing. Tanner Dome and Stultz are two popular rock formations with hundreds of paths with anchors.

Newlin Creek Trail
Newlin Creek Trail is found with an easy escape to the wilderness at Florence Mountain Park. You can find over a dozen granite outcroppings in this area south of Cañon City for rock climbing and bouldering adventures!