Is there a fee to cross the bridge?

Yes, there is a fee to enter the park and walk on the bridge. The bridge was built in 1929 to be a tourist attraction and there has always been a fee to cross.

Can I leave and come back into the park?

Park guests are able to leave the park and return the same day. Just show your ticket stub at admission for re-entry. If you wish to return the next day, you can ask the admissions staff to validate your ticket for a next-day return. 

Can I use my ticket on any day?

Tickets purchased online are valid for one year from the date of purchase, so you can use them on any day you choose!

Is the park open everyday - including holidays?

We are open 365 days a year, weather permitting, including holidays. The bridge is typically only closed when there is snow that makes the road getting here unpassable.

What is the park dress code?

This is a family-friendly attraction and guests are expected to dress appropriately.  Guests must wear shoes and shirts while in the park. We recommend sturdy walking shoes and hats. A light jacket is also a good idea no matter the temperature as there is always a breeze on the bridge.

Can I drive on the bridge?

Due to high pedestrian traffic in the park, we do not allow guests to drive their own vehicles on the bridge.

Is the bridge handicap accessible?

Although there are areas of the park that are not accessible by wheelchair, much of our park is accessible. The visitor center, gondolas, theater, and bridge are all wheelchair accessible. Chairs must be no wider than  30″ to fit onto the gondola. There is no handicap ramp on the South deck of the gondola, however, so you do need to ride it round trip back to the visitor center. You can reach the attractions on the south side via the bridge.  We do not have wheelchairs here at the park due to maintenance and liability reasons, but you are welcome to bring your own chair.

Are pets allowed in the park?

We only allow well-behaved dogs into the park. No other pets will be allowed.

All you have to do is keep your dog on a leash while walking around the Park. When you’re ready for a ride or entering a building, we have six kennels available, free of charge, and sanitized between each use. Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted in the restaurants or on most rides. Dogs on the gondola are at the discretion of the operator on duty. Also, please bring your own water dish so Fido does not get thirsty in all the excitement. 

ADA approved service animals are welcome into the park.

If you have any questions, check with the admissions staff.

Can I fly a drone in the park?

We do not allow drones on park property.  It is a tremendous liability for us to allow drones to fly.  We have had production companies at our request shoot drone footage for us and we require guaranteed certificates of liability in the amount of 1 million dollars from their insurance companies. In addition, we require having a copy of their pilot’s license. 

Is smoking allowed within the park?

For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, smoking is only allowed in designated areas within the park. Ashtray stands are provided in various locations.

Is RV parking available?

We do have parking for motorhomes and RVs in Lot B. Just after you enter the park gates you will see a road on your right with a sign that says RV parking Lot B (it also says, Employees). Take that road and it will go past our administration building and onto the parking lot for large vehicles.

Can I bungee jump at the park?

Although we have had events in the past, we do not currently allow bungee jumping at the park.

Do you still have a ride to the bottom of the gorge?

At one time guests could ride down to the river below the bridge via the Incline Railway. Sadly this ride was destroyed in our 2013 wildfire. We realize this was a very popular attraction and that it is sorely missed.

If you didn’t find the information you need in our FAQs, please email us at rgb@royalgorgebridge.com.