Best Mountain Climbing Experience for Beginners

Mountain climbing is a skill that takes years to practice and master. Sure, you can get a start in your local gym or rec center, but that’s not the same as climbing in the great outdoors. When you’re preparing to take this next big step in your mountaineering hobby, you want to set yourself up […]

3 Best Bucket List Adventures of 2020 Near Colorado Springs

This year has been a doozy, but being near Colorado Springs has made it a little easier. Colorado Springs is the perfect little-big city close to the Rocky Mountains, surrounding adventure activities, and more. Although Colorado Springs is centric to many super bucket list adventures, many things this year have prevented us from doing the […]

4 Reasons the Royal Gorge is One of the Best Winter Attractions Near Colorado Springs To Experience

When the weather gets cold it’s hard to justify getting outside. Unless the weather is just right and the activities are out of this world. Well, if you’re looking for the ultimate winter attractions near Colorado Springs, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is a go-to attraction for a number of reasons. Here are 4 […]

Must-Do Things in Colorado To Get The Most Out of The Fall Season

The fall time is a perfect time to cross off the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park Via Ferrata on your list of “must-do things in Colorado this fall.” The lack of crowds, perfect weather, and fall color displays truly make it the best time of year to experience the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park Via […]

Best Historical Site in Colorado To Bring the Kids to Before & During The School Year

School is back in action, but a little unconventional this year.  Some schools have already started, some are conducting a hybrid program, and many are following an online distance learning curriculum. Whatever your child’s school year looks like a field trip can be the best way to encourage normalcy and provide a fun and encouraging […]

One of the Coolest Attractions Near Colorado Springs — Via Ferrata at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Looking for something new to add or cross off your Colorado summer bucket list without having to make a trek for it? We, at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, have just the bragging rights experience for you.  Our newest attraction is definitely one of the coolest near Colorado Springs — the Via Ferrata.  Why? […]

Best Day Trips in Colorado — Catch A Live Show at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Best Day Trips in Colorado — Catch A Live Show at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Although the summer of 2020 hasn’t exactly been our normal summer season, we’re still excited to announce our live shows make for some of the best day trips in Colorado this summer. This summer we are featuring the […]

Treat Your Family to A Colorado Springs Staycation Adventures at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in Colorado

This year has definitely been out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, America is still recovering from the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. With that being said, Americans are being told to be cautious when traveling, and international travel is definitely out of the question.  All the better reason to bring your family on a few staycation […]

3 High Altitude Thrills — Colorado Attractions at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Calling all adrenaline junkies! The Royal Gorge Bridge has been around since 1929, and in 2003, the Royal Gorge Bridge introduced a free-falling attraction, where visitors were able to swing out over the edge of the gorge 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River — talk about an adrenaline rush. We know you love activities that […]

A Colorado Springs Adventure That is Also An Architectural Wonder — The Royal Gorge Bridge

In 1929, the world’s highest suspension bridge was constructed — The Royal Gorge Bridge.  Although the Royal Gorge Bridge may no longer hold that title, let’s think about where we were in terms of technology in 1929.  In 2020, a construction like this doesn’t seem that impressive. We now have the technology to construct buildings, […]

Top Things To Do With the Family Around Colorado Springs — Spend the Day at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Are you and your family looking for family-friendly things to do around Colorado Springs, CO?  Well, look no further.  Just one hour from Colorado Springs, CO lives a truly unique park —The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. This unique park is definitely one of the top things to do around Colorado Springs and an ideal […]

4 of the Best Ways To Enjoy The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park This Memorial Day – The Best Things to do in Colorado

This year has been a whirlwind!  With the closures around Colorado and the United States, we are finally able to welcome all of you wonderful visitors inside our park — just in time for Memorial Day weekend. The Park is following  Fremont County and Colorado COVID-19 safety guidelines and protocols so if you are looking […]

Why Visit Royal Gorge Bridge and Park for Summer Break

Not sure where to go for your Summer Break? Do you like being in nature, surrounded by the greenery and scenic sights that just leave you speechless? If your answer is yes, you must come to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park! The Royal Gorge is located in Colorado and is a narrow gorge with […]

Royal Gorge Via Ferrata — Great for All Climbers Including Those Who Don’t Have Any Rock-Climbing Experience

Located in Canon City, Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is a natural attraction among the clouds. The bridge, centerpiece of this aerial playground, previously held the title of the highest suspension bridge in the world. Crossing the gorge 956 feet above the Arkansas River, it is the highest bridge in the United States. […]

5 Ways to Save Money at the Royal Gorge Bridge

  1. Purchase Your Tickets Online    Pre-purchase your tickets online and receive a $2 per person discount. Tickets purchased online are valid for one year from the purchase date.  Also, military members, when you pre-purchase your tickets online don’t forget to bring your military ID with you to the park because we offer a […]

4 Unique Ways to Experience America’s Highest Suspension Bridge in Colorado

Segway Tour If you’re looking to combine two bucket list items in one, take a guided Segway Tour across the Royal Gorge Bridge and throughout the parkIf you’re looking to combine two bucket list activities in one, take a guided Segway Tour across America’s Highest Bridge, the Royal Gorge Bridge and throughout the park in […]

Be a Rad and Respectful Colorado Traveler

  Colorado is home to some of the most breathtaking sites, scenes and outdoor recreation the country has to offer. Millions of travelers come from near and far to experience the unrivaled beauty of our state. With so many visitors enjoying our natural landscapes and resources, we kindly ask that you show these places the […]

Get Ready to Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger programs are a fantastic way to enjoy area attractions with a big ole’ side dose of learning. The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park’s Junior Ranger Program, thanks to Centura Health, is the perfect way to play inside the park. Even better? It’s included with your general admission ticket. This real-time series of puzzles […]

13 Fun Facts About the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

There are so many fun and interesting facts about the Royal Gorge Bridge. From how it began, to all of its impressive intricacies, here are a few tidbits to remember the next time you’re exploring this Colorado wonder. Construction of the bridge began in June 1929 The bridge was built in only seven months time […]

Fremont County’s Deep History

Millions of years after dinosaurs roamed the land that is now known as Canon City and Fremont County, Lt. Zebulon Pike explored frigid Arkansas River region in the winter of 1806. John C. Fremont, famed pathfinder and once presidential candidate, arrived to the area in 1843 and returned for multiple expeditions finding the headwaters of […]