Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge is currently OPEN

Quick Facts:

Quick Facts About Royal Gorge Bridge & Park: End of Day tickets can be purchased 1 hour before closing time.

Dogs are allowed on the Royal Gorge Bridge, the Aerial Gondola, and throughout the park.

Reservations: Not Required.

The Royal Gorge Bridge is suspended 956 feet above the Arkansas River.

The Royal Gorge Bridge was built in 7 months and opened in 1929.

Lead by Chief Engineer, George Cole, the bridge was designed to hold more than 2,000,000 pounds.

About 100 boards of the bridge were scorched in the 2013 Royal Gorge Fire.

In 2019, the Royal Gorge Bridge was trademarked “America’s Bridge.”

Royal Gorge was indeed on of the most magical places I have visited. The bridge is 1000 feet above the Arkansas river and is one of the biggest suspension bridges you will find. It is built over a breathtaking canyon. Mother Nature is mystical, beautiful and wonderful. It took over 1.7 billion years to form the gorge, as they say “best fruits take time to ripen”. ????

– Mici – Google Local Guide

One of the Best Historic Places in Southern Colorado!

Not only do our guests experience the advances of modern technology at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park with our thrilling rides, but they also witness slices of history of the Royal Gorge Region. The Royal Gorge Bridge was a major engineering feat of its time upon its construction in 1929. The bridge was built to honor the hardworking men and women of America and for visitors to enjoy the untouched natural scenery of Southern Colorado. Still today, visitors enjoy the views at this impressive destination  while standing on America’s Highest Suspension Bridge. Prehistoric evidence prevails in the granite rock of the Royal Gorge, giving visitors a piece of history before human kind.

Today, the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is the place where Colorado adventures begin! The iconic beauty of the Royal Gorge features a view of the Arkansas River from above while standing on the Royal Gorge Bridge. The bridge was pioneered by Chief Engineer, George Cole who rounded a team of 80 brave men to build what would be at the time, the highest suspension bridge in the world. The Royal Gorge Bridge held the world record for the highest bridge until 2001. It still remains as America’s Highest Suspension Bridge at 956 feet above the gorge’s floor.

Visitors come across the bridge when they enter the park. The bridge reaches 1,260 feet across the Royal Gorge, featuring 1,257 wooden planks. The bridge was refurbished in 1987 to withstand winds up to 125 mph and continues to receive upgrades year after year for the safety of our guests. Crossing the Royal Gorge Bridge is a phenomenal family adventure you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime. During the summer, view all 50 state flags flying proudly along the Royal Gorge Bridge. The views, the experience, and the thrill of walking the wooden planks of America’s Highest Suspension Bridge is a family trip you must experience! At each end of the Royal Gorge Bridge, you will find more thrilling rides, yummy dining options, and entertainment during your visit. Purchase your tickets today!

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