Royal Gorge Bridge

The Royal Gorge Bridge is currently OPEN

Quick Facts:

Early Bird and End of Day tickets can be purchased between 8am – 9am and 1 hour before closing time.

Dogs are allowed on the bridge.

Reservations: Not Required

956 feet above the Arkansas River

Royal Gorge was indeed on of the most magical places I have visited. The bridge is 1000 feet above the Arkansas river and is one of the biggest suspension bridges you will find. It is built over a breathtaking canyon. Mother Nature is mystical, beautiful and wonderful. It took over 1.7 billion years to form the gorge, as they say “best fruits take time to ripen”. ????

– Mici – Google Local Guide

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Start your Colorado adventure at the highest and most famous suspension bridge in America. Take in Colorado’s iconic natural beauty while standing 956 feet above the wild Arkansas River at one of the top attractions in the area. The world famous Chrysler building, located in New York City, could be easily placed beneath the Royal Gorge Bridge! In fact, the only part of the Chrysler building that would rise above the bridge is the antennae spire.

This incredible engineering feat is a wonder to behold and a fitting addition to the amazing beauty of the Royal Gorge Region of Colorado. All you have to do is Come Across & experience this Attraction yourself. For the history buffs, the Royal Gorge Bridge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Construction started June 5, 1929 and was completed in less than 7 months. The Royal Gorge Bridge was built for people to take in the timeless beauty of this geological phenomena. The bridge is not and has never been part of a road or state highway system.

Lead by Chief Engineer, George Cole, the bridge was designed to hold more than 2,000,000 pounds with 100 tons of steel supporting the deck. A hardy group of around 80 men, mostly unskilled laborers in that day, built this world wonder with no deaths or major injuries.

In 1982, the bridge was refurbished with installation of new anchor cables, replacement of bridge abutments, and the addition of a wind cable system designed to allow the bridge to withstand up to 125 mph winds. On June 11, 2013, the bridge withstood the Royal Gorge Fire. While 90 percent of the park was destroyed, the Bridge was barely scathed with only 100 boards charred on one end. In 2018, the Royal Gorge Bridge was trademarked “America’s Bridge” dedicated to the spirited band of American workers and the timeless enjoyment millions have experienced while standing on the deck of the bridge.

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