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Get the most out of your visit to Royal Gorge Bridge & Park with these tips! See below for information about climate, optimal visiting hours, navigating the Park and more. With this helpful info, you can plan your perfect day of endless adventure!



  • Climate and Location

    Don’t be left high and dry! The Park is at an altitude of 6,700 feet and in an arid region, so keep hydrated and slather on some sunscreen, even in winter. Speaking of winter, the Park is 8-10° warmer than Denver and Colorado Springs during that time. And there is always a breeze in the middle of the bridge, year-round. Colorado weather is unpredictable, and afternoon rainstorms are common. If rain rolls in, temporary ride closures may occur. Refunds will not be given for these closures. There are some uneven areas in the Park, so be sure to wear sturdy walking shoes. Bunny slippers not recommended.

    If you want to see the current weather conditions in the park, check it out here:
    Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Weather


  • When to Visit

    The Park is open year-round, even on holidays, from 7AM to dusk. Rides and attractions open 10AM. During peak tourist season, all attractions are open. During off-season, attractions are limited.

  • Exploring the Park

    The easiest route through the Park starts at the Aerial Gondolas to the north. Ride those to the south side, then walk down to the Bridge. Looking for some high-altitude rides? Get here early to skip the wait times and start soaring.

  • Vehicles

    Vehicles: No personal vehicles will be allowed on the Bridge at any time. Pre-scheduled car clubs may be given an exception. If you have a car club and would like more information, please call 719.276-8320.

  • Military Discounts

    We do have military discounts on general admission tickets. They must be purchased in person at the Visitor Center. We thank you for your service!

  • Smoking

    After the damage of the Royal Gorge Fire in 2013, smoking is allowed only in our outdoor designated areas or in your vehicle, e-cigarettes included. No smoking is permitted in any buildings or on rides. Please be careful with any ash and cigarette butts.

    Marijuana is prohibited in the park.

  • Safe and Secure Park Entry / Guest Dress Code

    Safe and Secure Park Entry

    Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is private property and we do not allow firearms, weapons, or drones in the park.  Royal Gorge Bridge & Park works in conjunction with the Canon City Police Department and the Department of Homeland Security to develop our security policies. Royal Gorge Rangers working on property are the only persons permitted to carry a firearm or weapon.

    For your safety we will use electronic screening devices at the main entry. In addition, please allow our staff to inspect  items such as bags, purses, backpacks and any large items such as strollers and coolers upon entrance.

    Go Pros are not allowed on the Zip Line or Skycoaster.

    Dress Code

    We ask that our Guests dress appropriately for our family theme park environment. Shirts, shorts/pants and shoes are required at all times in the park. Guests wearing clothing/accessories with offensive material will be asked to leave.

    Persons may be asked to leave who are disruptive and who do not follow the above requests.

  • Sorry, No Bungee Jumping

    Although we have had bungee jumping events in the past, currently there are no future events planned and we do not allow bungee jumping in the Park.

  • Handicap Accessible

    Handicap Accessible: Yes, the Park is handicap accessible, but please be careful on the steep trails you may find throughout the Park.

Transportation & Parking

Get from point A to point B in style. Each travel choice in the Park offers a new angle and experience of the Gorge. See the sights from a people mover, golf cart, or simply on foot. It’s your move.

Get going


All that adventure can make you hungry! Stop by and have a bite at any of our delicious dining options throughout the Park. Grab a slice of pizza, a cut of brisket or a scoop of ice cream before jumping back into the fun. Or all three. We won’t judge.

Dig in


After a long day of gallivanting at the Park, it’s nice to kick your feet up and have a quiet night in. Stay here at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park’s very own historic, three-bedroom Bighorn Mountaintop Lodge or catch some z’s at one of the lodging facilities in nearby cities. We guarantee you’ll sleep tight.

Start dreaming


Furry friends are more than welcome! All you have to do is keep your dog on a leash while walking around the Park. When you’re ready for a ride or entering a building, we have five kennels available, free of charge and sanitized between each use.

Unfortunately, no dogs are permitted on the rides. Also, please bring your own water dish so Fido does not get thirsty in all the excitement. If you have any questions, check with the admissions staff.