Things to Do at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park During the Summer

One of the best things to do in Colorado in the summer is to visit the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. This gorgeous and fun-filled park gives you a unique chance to see one of the most beautiful  attractions in the area while you satisfy your wild side. What does the park have to offer? Here are the best things to do at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in the summer. 

The Royal Gorge Bridge

All visitors can brave the heights and walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge. The Royal Gorge Bridge is a famous suspension bridge with a rich history. It’s also quite an exhilarating experience that is perfect for anyone who wants to cross another item off their bucket list of adventures. People who are afraid of heights may struggle, but the experience is worth it! 

Food and Drinks 

There are a wide range of food and drinks at the park. At  Café 1230, you can choose from the portabella mushroom burger, chicken teriyaki rice bowl, chicken taco salad, and Caesar salad wrap. At Bridgeview BBQ, you can choose from pork, brisket, stuffed baked potato, and turkey legs. You can always get hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats, too. For more casual dining, there are stands throughout the park that sell pretzels, ice cream, lemonade, coffee, and, of course, beer. The Beer Garden features 12 to 15 different beers from Colorado, and a specialty beer, The Royal Gorge Lager.

Cloudscraper Zip Line

Is walking across the bridge not enough of an adrenaline rush for you? No worries! The Cloudscraper Zip Line is the highest zip line in the United States at 1,200 feet in the air. Enjoy a view of the landscape unlike any other point in the park, and get a picture of you flying through the air as proof of your bucket list adventures. 

Tommy Knocker Playland

Kids will love this elaborate, three-story playground where they will get the chance to play while you take a quick break. The playground has everything you can imagine, including a carousel, a splash pad, and an opportunity to sluice for gems, and the entire area is perfect for children of all ages.

Plaza Theater

Learn  what makes the Royal Gorge Bridge one of the most alluring Colorado Springs tourist attractions, by watching the historical documentary performed at the Plaza Theater. When the show is over, enjoy the  various artifacts and pictures on display.

Via Ferrata

Make a reservation to Climb up the vertical, granite walls of the gorge  on the Royal Gorge Via Ferrata. A professional mountain climbing guide will give you some pointers and will then guide you in a climbing experience like no other in Colorado.

Top Tourist Attraction in ColoradoSkycoaster

The ultimate thrill-seeking experience at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park  has to be the one-of-a-kind, Royal Rush Skycoaster. You’ll definitely want to cross this off your bucket list! You and up to two additional people will fly through the sky while in a harness. Speeds can reach up to 50 miles per hour, so be prepared for a wild experience! Weather can affect availability, so make sure that you check the forecast before you go.

Aerial Gondola

 Don’t want to walk across the bridge? Put yourself in one of the best seats in the park and take a ride on the Aerial Gondola. These red gondola cars have floor-to-ceiling windows so that you get a stunning view of the park. The gondolas run back and forth throughout the day, and there’s no reservation required.

With all there is to do at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, you’re sure to have a great time this summer! Purchase your tickets today!