History of Fremont County

Fremont County is home to gorgeous views and a beautiful landscape. Along with the beautiful scenery comes a rich history going all the way back to prehistoric times.

Today, Fremont County plays host to some of Colorado’s top attractions. Fremont county includes the cities Canon City, Florence, Penrose, and Howard. The county has some of the tallest mountains and peaks in the country, with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains going up over 13,000 feet on the Bushnell Peak, in the county’s southwestern boundary.

Lt. Zebulon Pike explored the Arkansas River region in the winter of 1806. John C. Fremont, famed pathfinder and once presidential candidate, arrived at the area in 1843 and returned for multiple expeditions, finding the headwaters of the Arkansas River and finding a way to build a railroad route through the Royal Gorge, which is still available today.

Odes to the founder of Fremont County can be found all over whether wandering the stacks of books inside the John C. Fremont Library or catching a glimpse of his 20-foot statue at the entrance of Pathfinder Park. Come discover the beauty and adventure that can be found in Fremont County.

As more people migrated West for new opportunities, Fremont County became a bustling place to live. Settlers came to take advantage of the abundant coal camps and oil fields as well as to enjoy the natural landscapes of the gorge, forests, and Arkansas River. Even as the county became more developed, early settlers put a priority on keeping the land safe.

One of the top attractions in Fremont County is the Royal Gorge Bridge. The Royal Gorge was formed from millions of years of erosion from the Arkansas River.The gorge is 1,000 feet deep and 10 miles long. The Royal Gorge Bridge opened in 1929 and is one of the top attractions near Colorado Springs today. At that, it’s just one of the beautiful attractions Fremont County has to offer.

Facts About Fremont County

While one of the most famous bucket list adventures is the Royal Gorge, Fremont County is known for its bustling biodiversity. The county features Mid-Elevation forests and Foothill Shrublands in the western Portion while the east is filled with woodlands and plains with gorgeous views.

Over 80% of the county is located within the Southern Rockies. About 17% is located in Piedmont Plains. 36% percent of the land is managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and 10% is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. 7% is owned by the state of Colorado. This all means that the gorgeous landscapes and vibrant ecosystems in Fremont County are all federally or locally protected from harmful development.

Fremont County also hosts part of the Arkansas River. The river runs from east to west, entering about 6,900 feet elevation and falling to about 5,000 feet. Here, tourists can participate in top Colorado attractions like white water rafting, fishing, etc. — all while enjoying the natural beauty that Fremont County has to offer.