Group Adventures at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Royal Gorge Experiences are Meant to be Shared

Are you traveling with family to Colorado this summer? Or hosting an upcoming group gathering and searching for ways to make a memorable experience for all? The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park offers incredible views and thrilling rides to be enjoyed by everyone in your group. The park is the ultimate destination in Southern Colorado to bring friends, family, and colleagues for a full day of entertainment and experiences. And because the park offers special rates for large groups, there is no better place than the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Several dining options in the park give your group plenty of opportunities to find a full plate of delicious Colorado food for any palate. Read more about the benefits of hosting your next group adventure at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park offers experiences for any type of group, whether it’s a kids education group, car club, or reunion. Wide walking paths take your group throughout the park and offer a variety of entertaining stops along the way. Kids can explore Tommy Knocker Playland while the adults enjoy craft Colorado beers and domestic brews. Bring your group into the Plaza Theatre to learn the history of the park, then build your group confidence on several of our thrilling rides!

Royal Gorge Bridge Bonding Experience

Each of our staff members are happy to welcome you and your party of any size to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Southern Colorado! From our Via Ferrata experience to crossing America’s highest suspension bridge, we are dedicated to making your next group adventure the ultimate Colorado experience. In order to find the best prices for group events, a reservation to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is required, along with one form of payment. Groups of 10 or more with no reservation may still get a discount upon arrival.

Imagine taking your extended family to one of Colorado’s top attractions with thrilling rides and the best views in Southern Colorado. An entire day spent with loved ones at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Parks gives you the best family photos to last a lifetime and an experience that will be talked about and remembered for years to come. A gentle ride on our Aerial Gondola is perfect for the entire family. Benches are available in the gondola car, along with floor to roof windows so everyone in the gondola has the incredible view of the Royal Gorge. A walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge may have all your family members holding hands as they cross America’s highest suspension bridge 956 feet over the Arkansas River. Plenty of lookout points are spread throughout the park for everyone’s enjoyment and photo opportunities.

If you are looking for your next corporate event to treat the hardworking employees of your business, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park is a great place for bonding and team building. Sharing experiences outside of the typical work environment can help promote an exciting work culture. The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park would love to host your next corporate retreat. We have meal vouchers and a catering menu available for groups and daytime events.

You haven’t truly bonded with your close group of friends or fully shown your out-of-state family the best Colorado adventure until you cross America’s highest suspension bridge or braved the world’s scariest Skycoaster at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. With plenty of space to walk around, plentiful dining options, and incredible scenery, the park welcomes large groups to spend a day in the outdoors together. 

The Royal Gorge Via Ferrata will encourage all members of your group to try something outside of their comfort zone all while being safely guided while climbing the granite cliffs. Plenty of photo opportunities, such as a scenic spot on the rocks with the Royal Gorge Bridge stretching across the gorge in the background or the mini suspension bridge are found on Colorado’s most unique Via Ferrata. This group adventure will leave all members breathless from the amazing views within the Royal Gorge that you will not find anywhere else. Then, relax together on our scenic patio at Café 1230 for a well-deserved Colorado brew and yummy snack or meal. 

For groups of 20 or more people, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park offers special discounted rates. Each member of our staff is dedicated to making your group event, whether it is a family reunion, car club, reception, corporate picnic, or birthday party, the most memorable experience for all. Groups of any size are accommodated by the Royal Gorge scenery, thrilling rides, various dining options, and educational experiences about the park’s history.

Group Information

Grab your adventure buddies, whether they are family members, close friends, or your work crew, and visit the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park for the best group adventure. We often host car clubs throughout the year and welcome them to drive their fleet of classic cars, rugged Ford Broncos, or whatever style of vehicle for a once-in-a-lifetime drive on the Royal Gorge Bridge. There is no better bonding experience than conquering the Royal Gorge with those you share passions and life experiences with. Complimentary parking is offered for all size vehicles in their designated areas at the park.

Motorcycles, cars & RV’s are all welcome! We can accommodate large buses for groups and allow these guests unloading near the Visitors Center. Our catered options include venue rentals, buffet catering, customized meal vouchers, and more! Call 719-276-8320 or email rgbsales@royalgorgebridge.com to start planning. Groups must be booked and prepaid via one payment method 24 hours in advance on weekdays and 72 hours in advance on weekends (catering requests must be made at least 1 week in advance). For a no-obligation quote, please fill out your group information on our website!