Enjoy a Picnic With a View

While you’re enjoying your time at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, you’re going to burn some serious calories. All that walking is going to make you hungry, luckily we have many places for you to enjoy the outdoors with a picnic and amazing views. 

There are plenty of places inside and outside of the park where you can take a break, enjoy your food, and be amazed at the beautiful scenery. Whether eating solo or eating with your family and friends, there is room for everyone.

Here are our top 6 places to picnic in and around the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park.

Eat and Play at Tommy Knocker Playland

Family Picnic at Royal Gorge BridgeTommy Knocker Playland is one of the most popular attractions in the park, so it makes sense that there are areas to have a picnic nearby. If you picnic near Tommy Knocker Playland, your little ones won’t be far away from entertainment. They can eat and head over to play and burn off all those calories. 

Cliff Side Patio

If you think a view of the bridge would spice up your meal, you’ll enjoy eating on the Cliff Side Patio. It’s located on the north side of the bridge where you can get a spectacular close-up view. Here, you can eat and watch people begin their journey across the bridge. You can also find yummy snacks like popcorn and soft-serve ice cream cones.

Take Advantage of Juniper Junction

Private Events are often held at Juniper Junction, but when there aren’t any events going on, you’re free to grab any available table. The venue is huge, so you might not be alone, but you’ll at least have plenty of space. Not only will you be in a covered spot for your picnic, but this spot offers the best views of the Royal Gorge Bridge and you may also be able to hear great music in the background

Elkhorn Loop

picnic at the royal gorge bridgeThe Elkhorn Loop is a great picnic spot because you’ll get an amazing view of the Royal Gorge Bridge and the Arkansas River while you chow down. It’s one of the highest locations near the park, making it the perfect spot to see almost everything while you eat. You can get easy access to this area from the Overlook Trail.  Side note: should we post the locations that are inside the park gates first, then those outside the gates at the end?

Please note that the bathrooms outside of the park are currently closed due to the ongoing pandemic.


Pavilions near the Royal GorgeThere are pavilions all over the park if you prefer to eat in a covered space. You’ll get a break from the sun and a break from tanning. You can choose to eat at pavilions outside of the park for free. Of course, there are pavilions inside the park that are accessible if you’ve paid admission to the park. These pavilions can be quite busy, but there is room for all.

East Ridge Campground

The East Ridge Campground is a great area for people who want to get closer to nature. With 12 campsites, there are plenty of places to picnic in the campground. There are even shelters at sites two and four at this campground in Canon City.