Month: August 2020

One of the Coolest Attractions Near Colorado Springs — Via Ferrata at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Coolest Attractions Near Colorado Springs

Looking for something new to add or cross off your Colorado summer bucket list without having to make a trek for it?

We, at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, have just the bragging rights experience for you. 

Our newest attraction is definitely one of the coolest near Colorado Springs — the Via Ferrata. 

Why? We’re glad you asked. 

Here are three reasons the Via Ferrata is one of the most intense and coolest attractions near Colorado Springs.

1. There Are Limited Via Ferrata Opportunities in the United States

Via Ferrata adventures have been around since World War 1. 

In fact, the Via Ferrata technique was created to scale the Dolomite Mountains in Italy and help soldiers scale the treacherous mountainous terrain safely and efficiently with the use of iron rods drilled into the side of the mountains, cables, and hooks to keep the soldiers connected at all times and from falling off the side of the mountain.  

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park’s Via Ferrata attraction in Colorado use the same technique but in a different setting as you’re trekking up the granite and gneiss walls of the Royal Gorge versus the Dolomites in Italy.

There are many more Via Ferrata attractions throughout Europe and other countries; however, in the United States, Via Ferrata attractions are few and far between due to government-imposed bans from the Wilderness Act of 1964.

Thankfully, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park do not fall under the Act so we’re able to take guests on an adventure of a lifetime.

2. Scale the Rock Walls That Support America’s Highest Suspension Bridge

 Coolest Attractions Near Colorado Springs

On the Royal Gorge  Via Ferrata attraction in Colorado at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, you will scale the sides of the Royal Gorge — the same granite and gneiss rock formations that form the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. 

The Royal Gorge’s rock formations were formed over 3 million years ago. On the Via Ferrata attraction, not only will you get up close and personal with this geological wonder, you’ll get a completely different perspective of America’s highest suspension bridge.

3. There’s an Experience Level For Everyone

You don’t have to be an experienced rock climber to participate on the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park’s Via Ferrata attraction near Colorado Springs. Each group will be given an experienced guide who will assist you along the way.  In fact, you don’t have to have any experience at all!

We have a series of tours that accommodate your hiking and climbing comfort level from beginner to expert routes.  Helmets, shoes (in most sizes), harnesses and backpacks are provided free of charge 

If you’d like to do a shorter route, the Revelation Tour would be perfect for you. If you’re looking for a full-day adventure, the Royal Tour is a comprehensive guided climbing tour that gives you the ultimate unique Via Ferrata experience. If you’d like more of a one-on-one tour, we offer private tours where we will create customized itineraries for you and your group.

Book Your Via Ferrata Experience at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park Today

The Via Ferrata attraction is truly at the forefront of introducing Via Ferrata experiences within the United States, and at the Highest Suspension Bridge in America, this is truly one of the coolest and most accessible attractions near Colorado Springs. 

Learn more about our Via Ferrata attraction on our website. 

Book your tickets in advance for your preferred dates.


** We would like to mention, during the writing of this blog we have altered our park operations to comply with COVID precautions and Fremont County Health regulations. We sanitize our equipment regularly and are practicing social distancing even during the Via Ferrata tours. 

If you would like more information on what we’re doing to combine these COVID precautions with our Via Ferrata please contact us. **

Best Day Trips in Colorado — Catch A Live Show at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Best Day Trips in Colorado

Best Day Trips in Colorado — Catch A Live Show at the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Although the summer of 2020 hasn’t exactly been our normal summer season, we’re still excited to announce our live shows make for some of the best day trips in Colorado this summer.

This summer we are featuring the Birds of Prey show from Nature’s Educators in the Plaza Theater and live music at Elk Park Amphitheater, Thursdays through Sundays. We are asking our guests to social distance from each other and realize there are occupancy restrictions for all indoor activities.

Nature’s Educators Birds of Prey Show

Best Day Trips in Colorado

Have you ever seen a raptor up close? 

A raptor is defined as a bird of prey, otherwise known as an owl, hawk, falcon, or really any bird that feeds on smaller creatures.

The Nature’s Educators Birds of Prey shows have showings 7 days a week through Mid-September. You’ll want to include this show in your upcoming “best day trips in Colorado.”

Nature’s Educators is a local Colorado 501c3 non-profit organization and is an outreach program that houses exotic birds.  Their program raises awareness of raptor existence and the importance of preserving their ’ existence. 

During the live Birds of Prey show, you can look forward to meeting Juno, one of the organization’s eagle ambassadors. Four shows are conducted daily at the top of every hour starting at 1 pm and going until 4 pm.  Each show is twenty minutes long. 

These performances are free with your general admission ticket.  If you’re at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park between 1 pm – 4 pm be sure to swing over to our theater to meet a raptor up close and personal.

Live Outdoor Music

Summertime in Colorado is a great time to get outside and make the most out of having some of the best day trips in Colorado. With the summer season coming to a close, what better time than now to get outside and enjoy live music?

For the remainder of the summer join us at the Park Elk Amphitheater for live outdoor music  Thursdays -Sundays  12:30 to 4:30 pm from The Atomic Fireballs, Dave Arvizu, and more. The entertainment is free with your general admission ticket.

Check out our “upcoming events” page on our website for the full lineup for upcoming music for the remainder of the summer. We kindly ask you to remember your mask and remain six feet apart at all times while enjoying the entertainment

Free Extras with General Admission

Every so often we sprinkle in a little extra fun at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park to create the best day trip ever in Colorado.

For example, earlier this year we hosted a 4th of July event where we featured The Veteran Monster truck — a live 10-foot-tall, 10,000 pounds, a mega monster truck that pays tribute to all U.S. veterans. 

Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 5, 6, and 7, we’ll add free face painting. And yes! Our face painter has special COVID precautions in place.  Don’t forget to visit the Plaza Theater for the History of the Royal Gorge, also free with your ticket.  

For a full list of entertainment please check out our calendar —  The majority of our extra’s are free with your ticket.

Visit the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

You really can’t go wrong when you choose the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park as your ultimate “best day trip in Colorado.”.

Check out our upcoming event calendar, and our website where you can   purchase your tickets beforehand Would you like more information? Contact us today — we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have