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Today the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park moved its white buffalo herd to a new home. “They now have a 3,000-acre ranch to play on,” said General Manager Mike Bandera. During the Royal Gorge Fire that struck the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park on June 11, leaving most of the park in rubble, the whole herd of buffalo survived, all carrying a white recessive gene.


The most famous in the herd, Smokey, has had a tremendous national and Facebook following since his birthday was Saturday, June 15, when firefighters were still on premises containing the fire. In fact, they gave him his namesake. A week before the fire, another bull calf was born which was given the name Fireball.


Smokey, just a few weeks old, and the white buffalo herd will roam on a nearby 3,000-acre Colorado ranch. The rancher graciously offered free board for the herd.


Caretaker of the animals, Tom Cox, Manager of the Wildlife Park said, “I plan on keeping everyone updated on Smokey’s progress throughout the year. I want to watch him grow.”