Tour Groups

Take a look around and you’ll see a 956-foot-deep gorge and the roaring Arkansas River below. Not something you hear on a typical tour!

Give your tour group a unique and exciting day filled with impressive sights, breathtaking rides and classic Colorado outdoor activities in the areas around the Park. We guarantee they’ll see the Gorge and magnificent Bridge as the tour de force it truly is.

Education Groups

What’s the best part of being in school? Field trips! At Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, students of all ages can learn Colorado history and enjoy thrilling rides all in one day. The Park is suited for kids of all age levels! Don’t hesitate to ask about various performance locations available within the park for your class!

At the Plaza Theater, your class can hear about The Royal Gorge Railroad War and the brave men who built the Bridge back in 1929. And if you ask us, that’s way more fun than a pop quiz.

  • Planning, Parking & Services

    Group Planning:

    We can accommodate groups of any size and offer special rates for parties of 20 or more! Reservations for groups are encouraged and groups must pay with one form of payment to receive the best group discount. Groups of 10 or more with no reservations can still get a small discount upon arrival. See the Info Desk inside the Visitor Center for details.

    We are proud members of the American Bus Association, National Tour Association, and Tour CO.

    Call 719.276.8310 to plan your group outing today!

    Park Services

    Our experienced staff offers turnkey services including venue rentals, event setup, tear-down, buffet catering, customized meal vouchers and more!


    Complimentary parking is offered for all size vehicles in their designated areas. Motorcycles, cars & RV’s are all welcome! We can accommodate large buses and allow for guest unloading near the Visitors Center.

  • Climate & Weather

    Don’t be left high and dry! The Park is at an altitude of 6,700 feet and in an arid region, so keep hydrated and slather on some sunscreen, even in winter. The Royal Gorge Region lays in the banana belt of Colorado, so the Park is typically 8-10° warmer than Denver and Colorado Springs on any given day.

    Please be aware that there is always a breeze in the middle of the bridge, year-round. We love Mother Nature for providing the beautiful backdrop that we have up here, but it’s important to remember that we are in an ever-changing climate. There are uneven areas in the Park, and steep hills, so be sure to wear sturdy walking shoes.

    Colorado weather is unpredictable, and afternoon rainstorms are common. We recommend visiting as early as possible in the day! If rain, lightning or strong winds roll in, temporary ride closures may occur. Refunds will not be given for these closures, but please upgrade your ticket at no extra charge for a second day return!

    ;”>If you want to see the current weather conditions in the park, check it out here: Royal Gorge Bridge & Park Weather