Three Colorado Artists, One Colorado Icon

Everyone who comes across the Royal Gorge Bridge discovers something different. So we asked three of our state’s best artists to spend a weekend here. And create something inspired by this natural wonder.

Taking mixed media to the edge

Will Lee-Ashley is a Denver based mixed media artist, who is completely fearless and ready for any challenge. Watch as he creates his work of art from the edge of the earth — literally. (Spolier alert: it’s incredible.)

Fashion Over — Well, Everything

Mona Lucero has a love of fashion and art. And when combined on the most epic of backdrops- you could say magic happened. Watch as she creates one fantastic dress over one architectural marvel.

Creating high notes, from a high place

This singer-songerwriter was made for the outdoors. As a Colorado native, Covenhoven knows how natural beauty can inspire, invigorate and produce unforgettable lyrics and melodys. Watch his creative process and listen to his song, “Afterglow.”